How often should couples have sex after marriage?

How often should couples have sex after marriage?


Are you married and confused about how many times should you have sex in a month?  As sex is a more emotional experience and physical intimacy for men than for women, it helps in making marriage a successful bond. Men tend to express feelings with actions as compared to women. Husbands mostly relate to their partner through sex, which indicates their fear of rejection, concerns about performance and desire to please.

Physical touch of any kind drives up the brain’s oxytocin levels, for both men and women. Studies have proved that causes the brain to release oxytocin and vasopressin, the ‘feel-good’ hormones that promote attachment.


how many times should you have sex in a month?

After marriage, how often couples should have sex?

According to Social Psychological and Personality Science study, people are better able to sustain desire when they are motivated to meet their partner’s sexual needs, even when these needs conflict with their own preferences. Researchers call it sexual communal strength, and people who rate high in it are willing to engage in sexual activity with their partner even when it doesn’t necessarily turn them on. They expect their partner will do the same for them, but it isn’t an immediate quid pro quo.

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The sexual activity should be performed at least twice in a week. This will make your partner feel the need of each other and not feel ignored. Your partner will realise that physical appearance doesn’t matter as much the feeling of romance matters. Many couples do complain that sex is lost after having kids. This can be solved only if both the partners participate equally in the sexual activity with the necessary precautions. On other days, a tight hug, intimate kiss and holding hands during a walk can also make your partner feel that romance is in the air, irrespective of time or age.